Created in the early 2000’s in the US, Geocaching takes you on a modern-day treasure hunt all around the world.


The rules are simple: someone must first hide an object in a place they want to share with others, then people try to find the object using GPS coordinates. Caches can be hidden in all kinds of places such as a street of your city, in the countryside, in the open nature and even under water!


This is a free activity, for all ages, you can enjoy it with family and friends ; on foot, horseback or by bike ; and it will take you to places of interest, even near your home and you never even knew they existed!


The Little Manual is only available in French right now, and it is currently being translated into American.

Why this book? "Real" treasures?

It is an illustrated guidebook introducing Geo the squirrel, he will explain to you the basic rules and benefits of Geocaching, the 21st century treasure hunt!


Geocaching is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy, starting at home on the computer picking places and caches to discover, then on the field trying to find them.

I’ve been practicing Geocaching for a few years now and i’ve realized that every time i talked about it, people were interested in that game.

But there wasn't any printed book, made for beginners and kids, that could inspire them to start playing and learn the rules all at once.

So i’ve started thinking and designing a guidebook that explains this enriching activity in a simple way.

I've submitted my project to Groundspeak and they've given me the green light to turn my idea into a real book!

One must admit that most of the treasures you’re about to discover only contain low-value items.

Geocaching gets you out in the open nature, makes you discover amazing places sometimes just around the corner, creates unforgettable moments with your family and friends, heightens environmental awareness, demands a bit of physical activity and connects mathematics, history and geography… all that in a good spirit. These are the real treasures!


Currently we can find more than two million “caches“ all around the world and there are six millions geocachers.

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